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Seala Media; The Creative. “Taking Moments and Turning them into Eternity.” We aim to amplify the frequency of consciousness, nourishing the multitude of all ye Lands, with the sound news of the Most High guiding us in the Righteous Path, sharing our Daily Events with all.



We take pictures of cultural events. Our goal is to support Jamaica by focusing on cultural activities.


  • reggae shows
  •  concerts
  •  events
  •  band music
  •  conferences
  •  conventions and festivals



Shortly we will have documentaries about Jamaica exploring topics about Jamaica and Jamaicans. We welcome suggestions of what you would like to know about Jamaica or Jamaicans. Maybe the musicians or the artist. Religion or perspective. Email us at sealamedia@gmail.com.


Music Video

Sometimes we want to know what an artist thinks of their latest album or a particular song. We want to know upcoming artists. We want to know who's reggae album or single is getting great popularity and sales. We even want to know what is happening in these artist lives. Link us on Facebook, if we forgot something all of us want to know. We get the content for us.

Music is an emotional art. Video need that feeling to have a visual response too. Our team will help artists with the following advice:

  • ideation to formulate direction
  • location
  • post-production
  • sound bites
  • Photography


The music video is relevant to your message and the image.


Send us an e-mail sealamedia@gmail.com.


Product Advertisement

If you are an entrepreneur and have a product to the advertisement, talk to use about it. Once you are in business, we can help you market on the web.

  • Web design
  • Event promotion
  • Video and post-production commercials or short clips
  • Product photography
  •  social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube

We can talk about audience engagement and create brand loyalty.


Send us an e-mail sealamedia@gmail.com.

Photo shoots

Our photographers are trained at Edna Manley College and have certifications in photography. They have years of experience with digital cameras and post editing software, Photoshop and Lightroom. Our extensive knowledge in lighting concepts will get the style of image asked for. The highest quality for every photo.

  • Artist's
  • Wedding
  • Events
  • Portraits
  • Album Cover

We use the latest camera's from Nikon and Cannon. Our Adobe editing suite is always being updated to get you the best image, guaranteed.

About Us

Adrian K. Green

It's been my goal to see this company get the support from those who use Seala for promotion and marketing. It's not always about the paycheck, but to get to see each person their happiest.  You have a goal in mind when you are thinking about your events or your next photo shoot. That is to get the best results. It is about creating value. Seala has a lifetime to strengthen because of your support.

Gerard O. Lamont

 If you amplify the frequency, the structure of consciousness will change. We are a media company providing

  • Photography services
  • Professional video and Post-Production services
  • Promotional services
  • Marketing services

For consumers and customers that align with our definite sense of purpose. We deliver the highest quality content for your Projects.

Ramon Singh

I do like to think everyday is a blessing from the Most High. I always look for the Most High blessings. This company has given me the opportunity to see the light of the Most High in companies and individuals. As an analytic person, I consider how to make you look good all the time. I tend to gravitate towards people since I love to travel. It is important when you think of this company, you see the value we create for you. "Turning moments into eternity." I am thankful to the Most High, he has continues to given me that opportunity.









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