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Welcome to Seala Media: driving force for the  creation of mesmeric visual content for client ventures

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Seala Media

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Seala Media is a Jamaican-based creative production company working to have Online content on the numerous social media platforms.


We deliver content for the most influential events and artists in Jamaica.


In turn making our brand one of the most admired brands of  'Brand Jamaica'.


Our remarkable team of photographers, editors, producers, directors, and videographers is always on call for your venue needs, from single-camera shots to multi-camera, multi-crew shoots, in multiple locations in the Caribbean.


Within reference to scope and budget, Seala members will provide the same support for your project whether it is an hour shooting or an entire year's production.


Met the team which will accomplish that in a more effective and attractive way, that is advantageous to your venture.


Do you have an event you would like to showcase to the world?  Do you want to build your image Online, or vision to share with the world, are you going on tour, or have a story to tell? Give us a call.


Seala aims for the advantage you want over competition that yo because we have your best interest in mind. Our professional photographers know specifics of a shoot that will give you content that works for web and print.

Taking The Photo

On the set or at a location, we set up professional lights, backdrops any camera accessories to get the perfect shot.


We can modify all shoots for optimal expression. Change the background, clean up distractions for the best viewing experience.

"Taking Moments and Turning them  into Eternity"

We Take Photographs for your Success and Market Them For You.

We take the effort to conceptualize every photography project with one purpose. Center the attention on the best feature of the subject to attain a photo that does serve the marketing purpose. Marketing material from us is an advantage to you since Seala is both designers and photographers. The experience that we have in taking the best photos preparation to work for your marketing needs. There is a difference in web and print material, and our designers are knowledgeable to turn that work into your masterpiece.


Our designers study your service and product to give it a purposeful meaning. Designing brochures, postcards, menus, you name it because we take every picture with a plan in our design methodology. Seala commercial photography is meant to connect with your audience. We also love the video projects. Content is your best friend and any addition to your services and product in your marketing mix entirely help your bottom line. Seala has produced marketing videos for events, concerts, clubs, birthdays, church events, social media and clients for their marketing needs.

Improve your Rating Over your Competition because you Use your Money Smart.

It is a fact that quality photos sell product and services. Investing means you are taking yourself and your business serious.

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Post-production services

Seala Media have edited of 200 post-production for 100's of event managers. Our team of creative directors, editors, designers, animators, compositors, VFX supervisors and audio engineers deliver excellent services. Leading standard post-production services including Final Cut Pro,  Adobe Premiere Editing, 3D Animation, Compositing, After Effects, Cinema 4D, and color correction.


In an era where the best technology is constantly changing, we constantly update our software. Seala media is reassured to get our clients the quality content they need to get to their consumers. Seala Media is committed to understanding the market and latest trends that are technically and creatively possible.


Would you like the world to see the concerts you, host? Need a TV finished look, a video for the web, or a corporate look? Did you want a stylish look for a movie trailer, a  promo for your latest event, or a music video, that inspires?


Web Design, Development, and Assistance

If you have a company, product or service to promote. You'll need a website. Heck, you need to be online, think global even locally! Do you have a website and your thinking about the redesign? Still unsure about SEO. We will educate you.


We offer all web capability services to get set up for success. You won't have to know web hosting because we do. You want a great design; you don't have to research design for the internet because we have the talent here at your services. In all stages of development:


  •  planning,
  • design
  • development
  • testing
  • release

From start to finish, our assistance is a priority for all your needs.

Seala will create custom websites for business of all sizes. Including WordPress.

We will organize your goals into search optimization targeting.

Seala will be there with you 100% Support.

We help you craft your message, paragraphs, blogs and more.


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